FairTrak is an free cloud-based productivity monitoring service. By tracking application and web usage on your workstations.
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About FairTrak

FairTrak is a productivity assessment tool for managers. It is a comprehensive software tool that allows companies to improve the productivity and efficiency of their employees by allowing them to analyze peoples’ activities, learn their behavior and recognize scope of improvement.

We believe there is always scope of improvement and room for better performance and with this belief this software tool called FairTrak is developed. With help of employee monitoring system, you can determine performance activities, improve workflow and examine the efficiency of business tools.

Website Tracking

Helps in reviewing top visited websites visited on web browsers along with time-stamp and duration

Application Tracking

Helps in reviewing activities performed on all applications accessed.


Get continuous screenshots from all computers/laptops at set intervals.

Email Tracking

Track emails sent and received on all email programs to ensure confidentiality.


Define rules related to computer activity and get real time alerts.


Shows how productive employees have been in a day/week/month.

Website Blocking

To improve employee productivity and efficiency Block the unproductive websites.

Invisible Remote Installer

Allows sheath mode tracking to ensure unnoticeable tracking.

How It Work

  • Signup

    Using your active email ID

  • Login

    Using your signup email ID

  • Download

    Download Agent according to the OS

  • Install

    Install the invisible agent and start getting reports and screenshots in less than 2 minutes.

  • Start Tracking

    All Computers and Laptops are now tracked

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Some finding of a survey conducted on 3,200 people to find out do employees really waste time at work.

64% of employees visit non-work related websites every day at work.39% spend one hour or less per week, 29 percent spend 2 hours per week, 21 percent waste five hours per week, and only 3 percent said they waste 10 hours or more doing unrelated activities.Socializing on Facebook occupied 41%, while 37% use LinkedIn and 25% are shopping at Amazon. Other websites include Yahoo and Google+ and to a lesser extent Twitter and Pinterest.Of employees aged between 18 and 35, approximately 73% reported spending time inappropriately at work on a daily basis.